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Terms and Conditions

Lily Q PMU

Patch test 

A patch test will be required to be carried out approximately 48 hours prior to the treatment taking place. A patch test can be obtained from one of the salon locations listed on the LilyQPMU Website or by contacting 07479 855700.


A consultation can be taken prior to appointments at a cost of £75. This amount can be deducted from the final price, but can not be refunded if the treatment does not take place, or if the treatment is not completed.


Appointment booking 

Should you decide that you want to go ahead with a permanent makeup treatment a £50 deposit will be required and is non-refundable unless 48 hours is given. If you then book a further appointment if this is then cancelled a refund will not be be given. Please allow approximately 2 and a half hours for your appointment and approximately 2 hours for your re-touch or colour boost appointments. 


Vouchers are available to buy as a full priced permanent makeup treatment or a specified amount towards a treatment. The client will need to carry out a patch test before the treatment takes place and contact LilyQPMU on 07479 855700 to discuss appointment bookings. If a refund is authorised by LilyQPMU for a purchased voucher, there will be a £10 charge to cover administration costs. 

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